Bards are storytellers and those with the duty to remember the deeds of the lords of Deverry or the lore of the Gel da'Thae or Westfolk for their respective peoples.

Bards have an almost religious status in some cultures and the murder of a bard is seen as one of the most impious deeds a man can commit. Deverrian bards pray to the goddess Agwen and can sometimes get visions by their rituals, though they are far less aware of the theory of their craft than the followers of Dweomer.

Among the Gel da'Thae, bards are blinded as soon as they're chosen to be bards, and they are widely respected.

Some known bards are Meer of the Gel da'Thae, Devaberiel Silverhand of the Westfolk and Gweran of the Humans.

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