The Boars were a powerful clan in Deverry for a long time, and played a significant part in fighting for the throne both during the Second Interregnum and the Time of Troubles.


The Boar clan rose to prominence during the rule of the Blue Wyvern. Though known as ambitious schemers, they assisted during the fighting of the Second Interregnum and were rewarded with more lands. Under Adoryc II, they were given the lands of the Falcon, after Gerraent of the Falcon had murdered Blaen of the Boar.

During the Time of Troubles, they had grown so powerful that they could challenge for the throne in Dun Deverry, and had their power centre in Cantrae. They were ultimately defeated by King Maryn, and banished from the kingdom. Those who remained loyal went to the north and settled north of what would later become Cengarn.

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