Lady, Servingwoman of Lady Galla

"She's rather an odd lass, you see, so suitors might be a bit hard to find. But she does splendid needlework, so I'll be glad to have her. It's truly a marvel, the way she can take a bit of charcoal and sketch out patterns. You'd swear she was seeing them on the cloth and just following along the lines, they're so smooth and even." (Lady Galla in The Gold Falcon, p. 28)

"(...) the rider dismounted with a toss of her long blonde hair caught back in a silver clasp. A pretty lass, though not the great beauty he'd seen in his earlier dream, she was wearing a faded blue dress, caught up at her kirtled waist, over a pair of old torn brigga. The Wildfolk of Air, sylphs and sprites both, flocked around her, and perched behind her saddle was a little gray gnome, (...). "It's Lady Branna!" Veddyn said." (The Gold Falcon, p. 57)

"He studied her face with a feeling much like hunger: narrow mouth, snub nose, a dusting of freckles over her high cheekbones, dark blue eyes." (The Gold Falcon, p. 58)

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"My brother has a daughter by his first wife, who died years and years ago. (...) That's my brothers daughter, you see, Lady Branna, my niece." (Lady Galla in The Gold Falcon, p. 28)

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Hwilli, Brangwen, Lyssa, Gweniver, Branoic, Morwen , Jill

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