Province of Cerrgonney

Cerrgonney is the northernmost province of Deverry, and is marked by a high level of feuding by the local lords. In the west it borders Arcodd, to the north the Roof of the World, to the east Cantrae, and to the Gwaentaer. The province lacks gwerbretion after the High King abolished the position when the northern gwerbrets tried to attain more control over the iron trade in the 900s, meaning feuds can go unchecked for a long period of time. After The Time of Troubles, the Boars of Cantrae fled to the north of Cerrgonney, where they managed to eke out an existence until the 1100s when Prince Voran was appointed Justicar of the Northern Border and gained authority over the province.

Cerrgonney is rich in high-quality iron ore which is shipped down towards Gwaentaer and Deverry proper.

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