The series was not writen or published in chronological order. Most of the books jump between several related incarnations. Below is the events of the series in near-chronological order (some sections would not be convenient to tease apart) and where you can find them in the books.

"A Note on Deverry Years" is in the back of The Red Wyvern, trade-paperback edition. "Deverry dating begins at the founding of the Holy City (Dun Deverry), approximately year 76 C.E. The reader should remember that the old Celtic New Year falls on the day we call November 1, so that winter is the first season of a new year."

One rich source of dates is "Behind the Scenes: A Chronicle of Deverry" by Katherine Kerr at, "Electronic OtherRealms #29, Winter, 1991, Part 2 of 10". It was written after the publication of The Dragon Revenant. The second and third paragraphs were used as notes in the back of A Time of Omens and Days of Blood and Fire. However, most authors "reserve the right to have a better idea", so unless confirmed in books, dates from this fanzine article are not canonical. For example, it says that the last king of the Cantrae line was Dribyn II, dying in 847, and dates Maryn I's taking of Dun Deverry to 854; books written later say that the last king was young Olaen and that both happened in 850. The source is shown in parentheses below to indicate that it's not a book and that it's questionable. In any event, these are mostly bald statements from a chronology so there is not the narrative interest of the books.



-5 The Silver Mage Evandar brought the Devetii to Annwn. Galerinos is the first Devetii to use dweomer. Gerontos and Rhodorix are taken in by the elves and meet Hwilli, who aligns herself with the Devetii. Hwilli and her mentor are formulating the plans for building a place of healing that can move itself when threatened.
1 (Behind the Scenes) Founding of Dun Deverry on the Belaver by King Bran, founder of the Dynasty of the White Mare
25 (Behind the Scenes) Town of Cerrmor founded
106 (Behind the Scenes) Town of Lughcarn founded
254-297 (Behind the Scenes) Death of Bran's last lineal descendant. First Interregnum. Striking Wyvern clan wins. "In disgust, the

Dragon and the Hippogriff clans migrated to the south-west to found their own kingdom in the formerly elven province of Elditina", dubbed Eldidd.

301 (Behind the Scenes) Cynaeval of the Hippogriff founds Abernaudd.
302 (Behind the Scenes) Cadvaenan of the Dragon, Cynaeval's foster-brother, founds Aberwyn as the second city of Eldidd.
403-602 (Behind the Scenes) After Eldidd and Deverry expand and collide and Eldidd wins, Deverry's great clans depose the Striking Wyverns due to weakness. Age of the Warring Clans, or Second Interregnum (although titular kings remain in Dun Deverry). Due to great big tracts of land, this period is not as devastating as the Time of Troubles.
558 (Behind the Scenes) "A group of Deverry merchants, bound for Eldidd, were blown off-course and carried to the far islands of Bardek.... For the first time in Deverry history, a true middle class emerged, based on the newly-important merchants and traders."
602 (Behind the Scenes) Adoryc I founds the dynasty of the Blue Wyvern. "His power was based on a coalition of the rising new merchant class, the priests of Bel and Wmm, and the lesser clans." Enacts ban on head-hunting, supports trade with Bardek.
643 Daggerspell Galrion is exiled by his father, Adoryc, and assumes the name Nevyn. Brangwen, formerly Galrion's betrothed, commits incest with her brother, Gerraent and then, pregnant, commits suicide. Nevyn vows to not rest until he's untangled this mess.
665-676 (Behind the Scenes) "First Eldidd War dragged on rather than raged, resulting in a boundary compromise that pleased no one." ("First" despite the fighting of circa 602?)
698 Daggerspell Tanyc stalks Lyssa. Gweran, Lyssa's husband, goads Tanyc into ...
718-719 A Time of Exile The story of Dallandra and Aderyn meeting and the first introduction of the People to Elddid via the war over the Lake of the Leaping Trout and the sacred burial grounds (the Elves pull a kind of Agincourt).
719-915 A Time of Exile Aderyn waits for Dallandra to return from the Guardian's land for 200 years, but the Dallandra, it seems as just 7 days. She returns in time to have Loddlaen, only to return to Evandar and the Lands after the birth.
720-728 (Behind the Scenes) Second Eldidd War. Eldidd wins, King Covramur of Deverry's infant daughter is betrothed to King Liddmaryc of Eldidd's grandson, Waryn, giving Eldidd a claim on the throne of Deverry.
750 (Behind the Scenes) Covramur dies without sons. The throne is claimed by the husbands of his three daughters in right of their sons: Glyn I in Cerrmor, Slwmar I in Cantrae, Aenecyr I in Eldidd. Start of the Time of Troubles.
773? Darkspell Gweniver and Ricyn survive as the last of the Wolf clan after the Boars have murdered Gweniver's father and brothers. Gwen becomes a Moon Sworn Warrior to avenge the Wolf clan. King Glyn grants the Wolf lands to pass in the female line.
773 (Behind the Scenes) Cerrmor captures Mael, Prince of Aberwyn (later called Maelwaedd), causing a twenty-year truce.
790-797 Darkspell Nevyn spends this time with King Glyn in Cerrmor where Gweniver and Ricyn serve. Dannyn (Gerraent) tries to force himself on Gweniver and is outlawed for it. He cuts his own throat just outside the boundary of Cerrmor.
793 (Behind the Scenes) Province of Pyrdon rebels from Eldidd, declares itself a kingdom, forcing Eldidd to effectively have peace with Cantrae too.
833-845 The Bristling Wood Maddyn joins Caradoc's outlaw band of mercenaries. The mercenaries are hired by King Casyl of Pyrdon to be Prince Maryn's personal guard.
843 A Time of Omens Maddyn, Branoic, Caradoc, Owaen and Maryn along with the rest of the troop of silver daggers, head for the march to Dun Cerrmor. There, Bellyra, the Princess, is waiting for the one true king.
849 The Red Wyvern Prince Maryn takes the emblem of the Red Wyvern (rampant), reminiscent of the Green Wyvern of the Cantrae line. He takes Dun Deverry and defeats the Boar clan with the help of Lilli, who tells them about a bolthole. Merodda has a woman poisoned, has Lilli's foster mother, Bevyan, murdered and has Burcan, Merodda's brother, murder Brour, one of Nevyn's failed students. Councillar Oggyn poisons the false king Olaen. Merodda is hung as a boon request from Maddyn for what she did to Aethan. Branoic falls in love with Lilli. Nevyn "meets" Alshandra after banishing Merodda's soul from the dun after her death.
849 The Black Raven Lilli and Branoic become officially betrothed and Lilli becomes Maryn's mistress. Maddyn creates a flyting song about Oggyn the councillar of Maryn. Lilli begins to be consumed by the sickness in her lungs and she and Nevyn ponder over the curse tablet. Bellyra begins writing about Dun Deverry.
850 The Fire Dragon Maryn chases out the Boars from Deverry into the Cerrgonney wildlands. Bellyra is accused of improprieties with Maddyn the bard, because of Degwa (of the Wolf) and Oggyn's gossip and then commits suicide when Maryn tells her she is to be sent to Cerrmor. Lilli removes the curse of the lead tablet at the cost of her life. Nevyn, Maddyn, and Otho plan to leave the king's service after this.
854 A Time of Exile Maryn besieges the northern towns of Eldidd with the biggest army Eldidd had ever seen. Cermeton surrenders without a siege, so the army overwinters there. Nevyn and Maddyn are both present there.
855 A Time of Exile In the spring, Maryn and his army move south. Abernaudd surrenders the moment they see him; Aberwyn holds out for just one afternoon; everyone else is scrambling to surrender too. His men hunt and presumably kill Aenycyr, last king of Eldidd (great-grandson of Mael the Seer through the legitimate line of his first marriage). Nevyn and Maddyn finally leave and visit Aderyn in the Westlands.
856 A Time of Exile Nevyn and Maddyn sail to Bardek. Maddyn at some point dies after the rose-shaped pin is stolen from him.
863 The Fire Dragon Maryn I dies of a consumption of the lungs (presumably tuberculosis), passed to him by Lilli.
918 A Time of Exile Nevyn returns to Eldidd after about 60 years in Bardek with what will become the talisman known as the Stone of the West. Danry is entangled in an abortive rebellion in Eldidd against the king in Deverry. Pertyc, Prince Mael's descendent, is in Cannobaen and remains neutral in the rebellion. He enlists the aid of Halaberial and Calonderiel to help protect his dun from the rebels when they come to try and take his son for the rebel thrown. Nevyn is in Cannobaen during this and Aderyn comes with the People. Glaenara and Maer meet and get married. King Aeryc smashes the rebellion quickly and annihilates most of Eldidd's nobility. He bestows Aberwyn upon Pertyc for remaining loyal to him. Maer, after Glae's death in childbirth, returns to Cannobaen where Nevyn had been working on the stone. Maer joins Calonderiel out in the westlands where the little blue sprite finds him again. But this time the sprite is now looking like a woman because Elessario has helped her. The sprite accidentally kills Maer when trying to take him to her lands.
921 (Behind the Scenes) Since fleeing Deverry at the end of the Time of Troubles, the lords of Cerrgonney have been squabbling over having a gwerbret. A gwerbret finally arises and tries to imposes taxes on the towns of the Camyn Yraen, the Iron Road, the best source of iron for Deverry. "When these towns appealed to the king, Aeryc marched north and defeated, at least temporarily, the rebel lords." The Fire Dragon says that Cerrgonney is outside the realm, but it's certainly in it by the birth of Jill, so incorporation must happen at some point.
926 (Behind the Scenes) "The king and the royal council reviewed all trade treaties with Bardek and transferred them into the direct control of the king. The council also assimilated all preexisting trade pacts between Eldidd and Bardek into the Deverry model. The revenue brought into the royal coffers by this step was enormous, making the king and his city completely independent, for the first time, of the shifting good will and treacherous loyalty of the great clans."
962-982 (Behind the Scenes) "King Maryn II, infuriated by the continuing efforts of the northern gwerbrets to control the iron trade to their own advantage, declared the rank of gwerbret abolished in Cerrgonney. His son, Casyl II, finally brought this matter to a sucessful conclusion after twenty-two years of mountain warfare. Hitheron, all Cerrgonney lords would swear direct loyalty to the king ... a circumstance of crucial importance in The Bristling Wood."
980 A Time of Exile Meddry is slowly killed by the blue sprite. Aderyn attempts to catch her but is unsuccessful.
983 The Spirit Stone Nevyn delivers the The Stone of the West to the king in Deverry. He asks for Gweiryc from the King's guard to be his apprentice and serve him for seven years and a day. Gweiryc is Gerraent's soul and Nevyn feels that this soul needs help. Nevyn travels with Gweiryc to the Westlands to meet with Aderyn and Valandario about a black obsidian pyramid. Nevyn travels with a merchant caravan that is meeting up with Devaberiel in a small town to claim his son, Ebany. Morwen, Ebany's aunt, has been his nursemaid since he was born and travels with them to continue as such. Tirro (Alystar) also travels with the merchant caravan but no one likes him. Morwen meets Loddlaen, Aderyn's son, and Loddlaen begins to teach her about dwoemer. When attempting to transfer to her body of light, she is killed. Loddlaen leaves the alar and is not seen for many years. He returns later on and steals the obsidian pyramid from Valandario and kills her husband when he interrupts the search.
1011 (Behind the Scenes) Gwardyn II, last of the Red Wyverns, dies. Succeeded without an interregnum by Lallyn I, first of the Gold Wyverns.
1045 Daggerspell Jill is born and Nevyn sees the omen.
1052 Daggerspell Jill is collected by Cullyn after her monther dies and begins her journey on the long road as a silver dagger.
1058 Daggerspell Nevyn saves Rhodry's life
1060 The Lass from Far Away - short story
1062 Daggerspell Jill and Cullyn get mixed up in the war Loddlaen has started in order to try and kill Rhodry. Rhodry is exiled by Rhys from Aberwyn and begins the long road with Jill as a silver dagger.
1062 Darkspell Jill has Otho take off (with mixed success) the dweomer off of Rhodry's silver dagger. Devaberiel learns of his son Rhodry and finds the ring that Evandar had given him to give to one of his sons.
1063 Days of Air and Darkness
1063 Darkspell Lord Camdel is ensorceled by Sarcyn and Alastyr and he steals the Stone of the West from the king. Camdel loses the stone when he meets up with Alastyr and Sarcyn however and Jill finds it during a hire with Rhodry. Rhodry and Jill guard a caravan going to Blaen's dun in the Auddglyn. The caravan is attacked by mercenaries (sent by Alastyr) and they flea to Blaen's dun for protection. Nevyn joins them and they rescue Camdel, Alastyr is killed by Sarcyn and Sarcyn is redeemed by Nevyn.

The Bristling Wood

Jill is ensorceled by Perryn while Rhodry is off on a hire as a silver dagger.
1064 The Dragon Revenent Rhodry is kidnapped by the Hawks of the Brotherhood and sold into slavery in Bardek. Jill and Salamander go after her and follow his trail to Alaena. While Jill, Salamander and Rhodry go to Pastedion to free Rhodry, Nevyn asks the wind to give him swift and safe passage to Bardek in the winter. During their trek to Pastedion, the 3 are attacked by Gwin and his cohorts, but Gwin is spared and becomes Rhodry's man.
1065 The Dragon Revenent After arriving in Pastedion with Perryn, Nevyn collects them and they hunt down the Old One in his villa.
1096 A Time of Exile
1096 A Time of Exile
1096 A Time of Omens
1098 A Time of Omens
1112 A Time of Omens
1116 A Time of Omens
1116 Days of Blood and Fire
1116 Days of Air and Darkness
1116 The Red Wyvern
1116 Days of Air and Darkness
1117 The Red Wyvern
1117 The Black Raven
1118 The Black Raven
1118 The Fire Dragon
1159 The Gold Falcon

The savage Horsekin - enemy of both the Deverrian clans and the elven nomads known as the Westfolk - are raiding along the borders even as a devastating cholera epidemic ravages the city of Tev Hael, leaving many orphans in its wake. Two such orphans, Neb (reincarnation of Nevyn), the scribe's son, and his younger brother Clae (former incarnations: Maryn, Yraen) are sent to their uncle's desolate farm. But when the Horsekin attack the area, the brother's must flee for their lives. Salamander - a chance-met stranger who seems oddly familiar - leads them to Tieryn Cadryc's dun. Here Neb will come face-to-face with his soulmate Branna (former incarnations: Brangwen, Lyssa, Gweniver, Branoic, Jill). Brought together by a centuries-old pledge and the strength of their dweomer - though neither knows how to wield this magic - Neb and Branna will be caught up in a war for the survival of the kingdom. And though they have invaluable allies in the Westfolk dweomermasters Dallandra and Salamander, they will be facing powerful enemies they have fought before in past lives they no longer remember.

1159 The Spirit Stone
1160 The Shadow Isle
1160 The Silver Mage - prologue
1160 The Silver Mage

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