Elves are a sentient race in Annwn that has two main population groups. The Westfolk live mostly in the Westlands and the Southern Elves on islands far to the south of Bardek. They are both refugees from the destruction of The Seven Cities which lie to the west of the Westlands, with the Southern Elves being the descendants of the urban population and the Westfolk being the descendants of the rural population.

The Elves have an ancient grudge against the Horsekin which destroyed their cities, and the Westfolk have often been in conflict with the men of Eldidd, though since the era of Pertyc Maelwaedd a truce has slowly developed.

The two groups were reunited on the Grasslands in 1118, after Evandar directed the Southern Elves to go back.

The Elves are the people of the element of Air.

Known Races of Annwn
Dwarves, Dwrgi, Elcyion Lacar, Gel da’Thae, Humans

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