Loves riddles.

In the BooksEdit

Because of his friendship with Caswallinos, Evandar brought the Devetii to Annwn from Gaul to escape the Rhwmanes. Unbeknownst to him, this leads to, among other things, the destruction of Evandar's beloved city of Rinbaladelan and the other elven cities. The restoration of Rinbaladelan is the major motivation of many of his subsequent actions.

He persuades Dallandra to visit his country for a few days, but due to the difference in how time flows 200 years pass before she returns.

When he realises that the Seelie Host is shrinking and fading away, he plots to have Elessario incarnate, and leads many of the guardians to incarnation afterwards.

He tricks Arzosah into giving him her true name, and has that forged onto a dweomer ring to control her.

To save Rhodry's life, and the city of Cerr Cawnen from Arzosah's wrath, he turns Rhodry into a dragon. Forseeing that, he travelled to Terra and planted a book that would be taken back to Annwn by Haen Marn, and ultimately be used to restore Rhodry to human form.

Family and relationshipsEdit

Brother of Shaetano.

Husband of Alshandra.

Father of Elessario.

Lover of Dallandra and Rhodry.

Other incarnationsEdit

Evandar is born after the series finishes to the souls that once were Aderyn and Loddlaen.

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