The Falcon was a clan in Deverry until the year 643, when no heirs remained after the death of Gerraent. The clan name was revived in a sense with the clan Gold Falcon some 500 years later.


The Falcon clan ruled lands to the east and south of Dun Deverry, bordering the Boar clan to the north, and nothing but wilderness to the east and south. The Falcon was under the jurisdiction of the gwerbrets of Glasloc, and did not have much of a warband of its own. They did, however, participate on the side of the Blue Wyvern in the wars of the Second Interregnum and helped win the throne for Adoryc I.

They were one of the last clans to hold to the old ways of taking the heads of your enemy and displaying it as a trophy after the priests of Bel started speaking out against the practice.

The Falcon clan died with Lord Gerraent, as he had no heirs when he was cut down in vengeance for having killed his blood-sworn friend, Blaen of the Boars, after he had discovered the incestuous relationship between Gerraent and Brangwen.

The name of the clan was revived 500 years later with the Gold Falcon clan, when Gerran is awarded a title for his bravery.

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