Human religionsEdit

The people of Deverry do not worship a single god, but instead have a pantheon containing a large number of deities, each with his or her own areas of interest and influence. The deities in the Deverry pantheon appear to derived from the beliefs of both mainland Gallic Celts as well as the Celts of the British Isles.

  • Bel: The chief god in the Deverrian faith. A sun god and lawgiver, Bel is also the king of all the other gods. Priests of Bel shave their heads, and wear golden torcs around their necks.
  • Aranrhodda: A goddess associated with witchcraft.
  • Tarn: A god of weather and storms.
  • Wmm: A god of knowledge and learning. He is associated with pelicans. Priests of Wmm refrain from drinking alcohol.
  • Mannanan: A sea god.
  • Lugh: One of many war gods.
  • Agwen: A patron of bards.
  • Epona: A goddess of horses.
  • Kerun: A horned god.
  • Nwdd: A god of trade and commerce.
  • Goddess of the Moon: She has four aspects, which are: harvest, love, motherhood, and destruction.
  • Lord of Hell: A death god. Possibly cognate to Welsh Arawn or Pwyll. In Deverrian belief, the Hells (there are nine of them) are very cold. ("a candle's chance of melting the nine hells" is a Deverrian colloquialism which expresses the belief that something is improbable.)

The peoples of the Bardekian archipelago have pantheons of gods.

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