Wildfolk are simple elemental spirits, made manifest on the mortal plane. Amongst humans, seeing wildfolk requires a certain disposition or mindset; it is frequent that children will be able to see them, but lose the ability as they grow older. Those able to see wildfolk are disposed towards the dweomer study, but there is no guarentee that they will become true dweomerworkers, though many will use their rapport with the wildfolk to their advantage (asking the wildfolk to play tricks, warn of danger, or other minor acts). The Westfolk all have the ability to see wildfolk.

Wildfolk come in five varieties, for the five elements. Gnomes are associated with earth, undines with water, sylphs with air, salamanders with fire, and sprites with aethyr. Most wildfolk are not very intelligent by human standards, but some will attach themselves to a certain individual (such as Jill's grey gnome, or the sprite which attached itself to Maddyn) and eventually come to evince more complicated personalities. As creatures of pure elements, they fear the dark dweomer, as dark dweomerworkers will frequently capture and corrupt wildfolk into serving them.


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